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Doubtful from a climate mitigation point of view... (Foto: DS)

The forests of the world are home to a rich biodiversity and simultaneously they store carbon in plants and soil. It is crucial, therefore, to safe-guard forests to allow production of vital ecosystem services.

Most people would agree that we need to stop destruction of rain-forests in the world, for the sake of nature and climate. The timber industry in Sweden argues that forests should be clear-cut in order to mitigate climate change. This idea just so happens to coincide with the industry’s business interest. They bluntly state on a campaign website  that the more wood products you buy, the better for the climate. Please check our pages Myths about Climate and Forest where we debunk the statements from the timber industry.

What does state-of-the-art research say about this? From a strictly business-as-usual point of view, replacing concrete with wood products might benefit the climate, but there is no scientific consensus on this issue. A lot of research in fact runs counter to the timber industry's views, in particular when we take a broader view of human resource use.

Follow the links on the website and explore! Then read under Solutions about what we can do to save both climate and forests.

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